More workshops at the inQbator

Our workshops are still happening!!

The first cohort of start-ups are learning how to improve their VCs in the different fields from the start-up ecosystem.


The workshops promoted by the inQbator are essential to provide our start-ups the necessary tools for their success. Our main aim is to offer our first cohort of start-ups with all the resources required to grow their business into sustainable and profitable companies. inQbator Muttenz hosted another two workshops in May and June.


On our Fundraising workshop in May, Pascal Winnen and Ravi Kumar spoke about the dos and dont’s of Fundraising. The present start-ups had the chance to practice their pitching skills and receive insights from experienced professionals. Sometimes a little bit of theory and lots of wholesome hands-on support can help you raise the required capital for your business. For start-ups, once the Pitch is ready, it is very important to be critical with:

  1. What can be improved
  2. What is missing
  3. What is unclear
  4. Srengths of the Pitch

For our communication workshop in June, we had a hybrid program with the specialist Beatrix Benz. With people attending the workshop both online and in person and it was a success!

Beatrix’s workshop was about effective communication, in particular, corporate communication. Beatrix talked to our start-ups about social media use and how important it is to maintain corporate pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It was also discussed the importance of maintaining good business relationships with journalists and communicating with your primary audiences through the media. From our expert’s previous experiences, some insights and key learnings were shared for the start-ups to help them increase their presence online.

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