One-on-One sessions at the inQbator

At the inQbator, our start-ups are constantly learning! During these last weeks, they had the chance to have one-on-one meetings about non-dilutive funding and logistics with experts in each field.


One-on-one meetings are a practical approach to improve performance and drive results for start-ups. At the inQbator, we have started to organize closed sessions with our first cohort of start-ups and experts in the field to discuss thoroughly the measures needed to grow exponentially.

On June 25th, we had the presence of the Head of Export and Import from Basel’s chamber of commerce. Once again, our start-ups had one-on-one meetings where they could discuss the topic and gain valuable insights from an expert in the field. If your star-tup sells something to your customers, you’ll need to get a logistics process set up early on. Your logistics process is how you move raw materials, components, and products between your suppliers, warehouses, and customers. You may not think about logistics on a regular basis, but you are impacted by it almost every day. We asked Matthieu Horras, CEO at ASPIVIX, why he thinks this topic is essential to consider:


“ASPIVIX is a women’s healthcare company. When it comes to logistics, we had to face a situation where this competence was not yet developed internally. The Logistics Workshop at inQbator allowed us to further specify our real needs, connect with domain experts and guide us to the very right partners. As every case is different, the individualized approach of the workshop proved to be the perfect solution to customize the solutions to our very need and identify the right partners who fit our stage, area, and ambitions.“- Matthieu Horras, CEO at ASPIVIX.


During the non-dilutive funding workshop, start-ups have the chance to discuss in detail with the expert about their innovations and share essential information. The purpose of these meetings is to discover and discuss the most appropriate awards, pitching opportunities, and contests that would be appropriate for each start-up according to their technology and/or innovation. With the one-on-one meetings, start-ups can construct, together with our specialist, a strategic plan with non-dilutive funding opportunities for the future. Again, we asked Matthieu Horras, CEO at ASPIVIX, what he thinks are the benefits of this workshop:


“Funding is a fundamental element of a start-up development. Depending on your company stage, industry, and location, there are multiple alternative ways to a conventional start-up financing round. Non-dilutive funding is an interesting one that should not be overlooked. Most governments understand the importance of innovation, pouring massive public funds into tech start-ups. Is there any non-dilutive funding that could work for your start-up? The workshop provides a brilliant and concise overview of all the opportunities available (and there are many!). Far from a generic list, the workshop is well thought and tailormade to identify non-dilutive opportunities that fit your stage, area, and timing. An absolute must do!”- Matthieu Horras, CEO at ASPIVIX.


We are looking forward to the next workshops! If you’d like to participate as a start-up, join one of our inQbator’s programs! Schedule a meeting with us; we will be more than happy to talk to you.

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