inQbator to enter new phase of deeper partnership with BLKB, expand scope to beyond life sciences

inQbator AG, a Swiss startup incubator previously focused on the life sciences based in Basel, today announced a new phase of its program following a successful inaugural batch of incubatees. The shareholders of inQbator have voted to restructure the shareholding of the company to align with the new strategic direction of the company. inQbator AG was set up as a strategic joint venture between Launchpad, BLKB, and Hemex AG in 2021.

Hemex AG, a local life science service provider and investor, will exit the partnership to continue the focus on its own life sciences incubation program. 

“We thank Hemex for their contribution to inQbator in offering their life science consulting services and access to the life science network. Through this partnership, we entered the life science market in Switzerland and supported some of the most promising next-generation life science startups in the region,” said Beat Roethlisberger, Head of Corporate Clients, BLKB.

During its first year in operation, inQbator AG worked closely with 6 startups, including Hi-D imaging, Inura Medical, Resistell, Sleepiz, TOLREMO, and Aspivix.

“We had an amazing first year and are looking forward to bigger and better things in the future, especially with the renewal of our partnership with BLKB. We are eager to bring our formula of growing companies beyond the world of life sciences”, stated Andreas Derzsi, partner at Launchpad. 

Mr. Derzsi went on to highlight the value inQbator brought to Aspivix, which was focused on bringing to market a revolutionary non traumatic cervical stabilizer device for IUD insertions. During Aspivix’s time in inQbator, they completed their comparative clinical trial phase with CHUV & HUG (University Hospitals of Lausanne and Geneva) in February 2022, fundraised CHF2.5 million for their Series A with Hemex as the lead investor and received 510(k) clearance for its 1st generation device from the FDA in August 2021. 

“The work we did with Aspivix is a demonstration of the value we can provide to startups. With the foundation laid, they now have a pathway to release their 2nd generation device to the market. Companies like Aspivix also exemplify our belief in supporting startups with sustainable business models, unique product offering and committed management”, said Ravi Kumar, partner at Launchpad.

Going forward, BLKB and Launchpad will be working on further deepening its existing partnership to expand inQbator’s reach, mentor network, and partnerships to enhance its value-added services in supporting the wider European startup ecosystem. inQbator will be unveiling the second phase in its program in the coming months.